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Математическая Теория Игр и ее Приложения, т. 15, в. 1
Mathematical game theory and applications. Vol 15. No 1. 2023.
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Articles in journal:

Olga I. Gorbaneva, Gennady A. Ougolnitsky. Game-theoretic analysis of the interaction of economic agents in the Cournot oligopoly, taking into account the linear structure, the ”green” effect and concern for fairness3
M.B. Iskakov, A.B. Iskakov. Equilibrium in sequre strategies as a development of the concept of Nash equilibrium48
Anna V. Tur, Leon A. Petrosyan. Average tree solution in multi-agent systems with network structure73
Andrey V. Chernov. Differential games in a Banach space without discrimination90
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