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The history of the edition commenced in 1947, when the first "Newsletter of the Karelian-Finnish Research Facility of the USSR Academy of Sciences" was published. In 1954, it was renamed into "Transactions of the Karelian-Finnish Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences", and then into "Transactions of the Karelian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences". In 2009, as the printing facilities of the Karelian Research Centre were upgraded and several issues of the "Transactions" were prepared in a periodical manner, Karelian Research Centre Presidium deemed it feasible to transform the "Transactions" from a serial non-periodical into a periodical edition. The Journal now comprises the following series:

Journal Mathematical Game Theory and Its Applications

The journal publishes papers on the game-theoretic analysis and optimal management methods as applied to the economy, environment, politics and management. The game-theoretic approach has vast potential for dealing with social, economic and political problems. On the other hand, the game theory itself would benefit from studies on real-life decision-making problems.

In publishing the strategic analysis tasks we aim to maintain the linkage between the mathematical theory and its applications. The papers shall offer rigorous analysis of existing problems and future research perspectives. The journal accepts articles devoted to the game-theoretic approach applied to any spheres of the economy, management, environment and politics.

Karelian Research Centre of RAS
has entered into agreements with the
Petrozavodsk State University and
Komi Science Centre, Ural Division of RAS
on cooperation and joint activities in preparing and
publishing scientific journals.

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