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Математическая Теория Игр и ее Приложения, т. 15, в. 3
Mathematical game theory and applications. Vol 15. No 3. 2023.
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Articles in journal:

Abdulla A. Azamov, Fatxull A. Kuvatov, Hasan U. Tuyliyev. Police and robber game on infinite chessboard3
Serigne M. Ndiaye, Elena M. Parilina. A coalitional differential game of vaccine producers21
Natalia N. Nikitina, Evgeny E. Ivashko. Calculation of centrality in the analysis of congestion of city roads on the example of Petrozavodsk41
Vitalia A. Khitraya, Vladimir V. Mazalov. Game theoretic centrality of a directed graph vertices64
Dmitry N. Shiyan. One-armed bandit problem and the mirror descent algorithm88
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